Black Doom
Leader of the Black Arms


Mario & Friends Save Youtube Poop the Movie


Space Colony ARK , Dark Kingdom


Shadow The Hedgehog- 2005

Black Doom (ブラックドゥーム) is the antagonist from the game Shadow the Hedgehog and one of the main villains from Mario & Friends Save Youtube Poop the Movie, created by Sega Studios USA. Black Doom is the leader of the Black Arms. Depending on which path the player chooses (Hero or Dark), Black Doom will either be an ally or a foe of Shadow the Hedgehog. Played in the Hero mode, he is likely meant to serve as Shadow's archnemesis, similar to what Robotnik is for Sonic The Hedgehog. Black Doom has a very menacing appearance. Black-Doom, unlike like the rest of his species, has three glowing red eyes, and twin horns sticking out of either side of head, he is decorated with a worn robe, chains with spiked ornaments, and jewels around the top of his robe. He has a very deep voice that presents an echoing effect and appears very aged, claiming to be immortal. He stated that he ruled the Universe at one point, but this is probably saying that he was the strongest known being in the universe at that point. His appearance alone has a certain presence of black aura.

In Mario & Friends Save Youtube Poop: the Movie...Edit

Black Doom stares at the Mushroom Kingdom World... and says... "Don't celebrate too soon Plumber! Now... it's MY turn... and I'm NOT ALONE!"

Later, he kidnaps The King and sends him to the Space Colony ARK...

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