Dark Kingdom

The Dark Kingdom


The Gateway to the End of the World...

The Dark Kingdom (ダークキングダム Dāku Kingudamu) is an organization of antagonists in the Sailor Moon metaseries. They are the primary villains of the first story arc in every version of the series, and are responsible for the destruction of the Silver Millennium and mostly the other worlds.

The kingdom came into being in the 20th century when the servants of those who had served the evil Queen Metalia millennia before (in the battle against the civilization on the Moon) were reawakened. It is implied that Queen Beryl and her cohorts were active the whole time even if they did not accelerate activities until the coming of Sailor Moon. Queen Beryl and her four Shitennou lead this group, attempting to gather human energy with which to reawaken Metalia.

Creatures called the youma (meaning "monster") are summoned by the Shitennou in order to drain energy, hunt the Princess, distract the Sailor Senshi, and perform various other tasks.


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