Hyrule (ハイラル, Hairaru) is the name of the magical kingdom that serves as the setting for many games in the Zelda series. It is usually depicted as a beautiful and prosperous land blessed with deep forests, tall mountains, vast lakes, a barren desert, Gannon's Pub, and great cities. It is ruled by a monarchical government, the Royal Family of Hyrule, with its capital city at the bustling Hyrule Castle Town.

Hyrule has its unique creation mythology, deities, legendary relics, historical heroes, and villains. Hyrule also connects to other realms via magical artifacts and portals. Of these, the Sacred Realm and Dark World are the most storied. This story of the Triforce would shape Hyrule's future in the centuries that followed its creation, becoming the basis of Hyrule's providence, especially after the birth of a man from the desert named Ganon. After the Triforce is stolen by Ganon (who wishes to conquer the land for himself), a young hero named Link, often armed with the Master Sword, rises up to save Hyrule from destruction. The hero is usually assisted in this effort by Hyrule's young princess, Zelda, for whom the series is named. These three characters are the best known figures in Hyrulean history. Hyrule is shown in numerous incarnations, with several shared elements between versions. It is also home to a multitude of different races, each inhabiting a different part of the country.


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