I.M. Meen
I.M. Meen
How he HATES those Goodie-Goodies!


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I.M. Meen: 1995


I.M. Meen, an evil magician who despises children and learning, creates a magical book that sucks children inside when they read it. The book takes them to a massive labyrinth, where they are found by the guardians and locked into cells. Gnorris, a gnome that has betrayed I.M Meen, helps the player escape, giving them a magic orb that allows them to contact him, telling them they must rescue all the other children. He gives the player hints as the game goes on, and warns the player whenever a boss appears. The player travels across the labyrinth, defeating the monsters and rescuing the children, causing the labyrinth's condition to rapidly deteriorate. They eventually confront I.M Meen himself and defeat him using the Writewell's Book of Better Grammar, whom he had stolen and placed in the labyrinth. He swears that he will have his revenge and disappears.

Mario & Friends Save Youtube Poop 5Edit

Sonic & Chip enters a dungeon of I.M. Meen in order to find Chip's memories but they eventually meet a boy named David and I.M. Meen finds them and challenges Sonic to a duel but I.M. Meen eventually won and kills Chip. And I.M. Meen dies too (due to a reflection of Chip's bracelet.) and was sent to hell.

I.M. Meen is one of the villains who was not part of Queen Beryl's minions...

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