Queen Beryl
Queen beryl 2
The Evil Queen of Darkness!


Mario & Friends Save Youtube Poop 3


Dark Kingdom


Sailor Moon: 1992

Origin Edit

Queen Beryl was the commander & ruler of the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl led the invasion and destruction of the Moon Kingdom, killing all who were in the way, including Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal to defeat the enemies, but using so much power weakened her greatly. Seeing that her kingdom was destroyed and her daughter killed, she used the last of her power to send the prince, the princess, her guardians, and her advisors, the cats Luna and Artemis, to the future on Earth.

Mario & Friends Save Youtube Poop Edit

The Evil Queen led the invasion and destruction of the Subspace, destroying almost every single World including the Silver Millennium...

The Queen made her debut in Mario & Friends Save Youtube Poop 3.

She kidnaps Dr. Rabbit and transforms into an evil copy of himself. In order to bring the end of ALL worlds, she "Gay" marries Luigi and revives her fake copy of hers (Thanks to Momma Robotnik...) until Shadow The Hedgehog went back in time, stopped the wedding, and alerted everyone in the church that the evil copy of Dr. Rabbit is NOT gay... and showed everyone the video where Dr. Rabbit rapes Carmen and also pissed off Luigi. So Luigi gets pissed off and forces her to die, but suddenly, she killed Luigi... And everyone tried to stop her but failed... until Mario killed her and saved the day.

In Mario & Friends Save Youtube Poop 5, she comes back to life (While she was Dr. Rabbit in disguise...(Announced by Tom Tucker & Daine Simmons) and comes up with a new plan... She presses the button for her laser cannon and revives Dark Mercury. Dark Mercury tells her thank you for releasing her from the rock tomb and begins "World Domination". Until she & Dark Mercury got killed by Mario & his friends...

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